Why work with me?


I am passionate about helping women stop playing it small and start living the life they truly desire. I work holistically, which means that I look at your health and life as a whole by analyzing both the physical and psychological aspect of you. I will help you to dig deep, unveiling whats no longer working in your life, and help you discover the root cause to your issues. We will take a look at your stress levels, sleep patterns, negative self talk, body image, feelings around food, and relationships with yourself and others.

You will get some action steps to work on in between sessions and we will also work out the best way to eat and exercise to optimize your health. I currently work with women that are struggling with everything from a feeling of low self-worth, to IBS, chronic fatigue and hormonell imbalances. No matter what the initial reason a person have for reaching out to me, my experience are that the issue sits deeper and in order to fully heal, we need to find this core reason. I dont want you to live an average life of comparison and mediocre. My goal is to see you thrive and claim back the leading roll of your life. Are you ready to get out of the pity hole and start living a happy, empowered and energetic life?