My Holistic Lifestyle


Holistic means body and mind connection. For me living a holistic life means to be present in my body and listen to its signals. It means to eat real food, practice self-care and meditation, and doing exercise that feels good for me.

My morning routine is sacred for me, and is a good example of how I chose to live a holistic life. I start every morning with a big glass of warm lemon water that I drink in silence while reflection about what I am grateful for. I then practice 15-20 minutes of meditation, consisting of breathing, visualization and affirmations. The last thing I do before beginning the tasks of the day, is to some sort of movement. What this consist of totally depends on how iā€™m feeling that particular day, it can be a HIIT workout, a walk or a yoga practice. Remember that exercise is suppose to be fun and good for your body, not a punishment you do to try to change it. This is what works for me, and prepares me for meeting the world outside, and I love to work closely with my client to find what routine works best for them.