My Health mission

If you read my story, you'll know that my passion lies with holistic health, I am all about listening to our bodies and understanding the mind-body connection.

I am on a mission to help people getting healthier and happier by taking life back to basic. I believe that anything we do have to begin from within, we can not find true happiness and validation at the outside. We can experience it for a brief periode of time as a result from the action of someone or an incident, but without self-love and acceptance, the feeling can not be obtained.

No matter what the initiate reason for my clients to reach out to me in the first place, we will work holistically. This means that the first thing we will do is to lay out the persons current life situation, stress levels, and feeling about the self. It is much easier to obtain healthy habits if they are done out of a place of self love, and by establishing mindful practices.