Disordered Eating & Poor Body Image

A body is a body, is a body.... We all have a body, two arms, two legs, a torso, neck and head. Nothing special about that, yet so magnificent. This body is our shelter, our home. It needs maintenance, care and love, not different from our houses. If we don’t regularly paint our house, fix the roof and keep it strong, it will slowly fall apart. We have all seen one of these neglected houses, it’s a sad sight you wouldn’t want that for your home, but what about your body? The number of people today who are unsatisfied by their looks, hate their body’s or struggles with disorder eating, is alarming! An increasingly amount of our population confess that they are struggling with poor body image, and many have, or still are, fighting an eating disorder. It is sad, scary and really dangerous!


I have also had my issues, and it really affected the quality of my life! You see, when you spend so much time obsessing about your body, there’s no time or space for dreams, experiences and happiness. We simply miss out on the beauty in life. Getting out of a disordered mindset is not easy, it require some serious work and soul searching. We can compare it to an alcoholic trying to get sober. The difference is just that while the alcoholic can put away his drink once and for all, a person recovering from an eating disorder still have to face food several times a day. Real healing can only be found within, by working through our demons, our shadows and pains. Most people with disordered eating will agree that its not really about their body or changing the way they look, rather it is a way to disappear, and taking the focus away from their pains. Low self esteem and lack of self-worth are typically something these people struggle with, they don’t believe they are worthy of anything better. It is sad and therefor a big reason for why I am so passionate about self-love and self-development. I want to work closely with people to help them find their unique values, their strengths and super powers! Everyone deserves to be happy and have a life they are excited about. No two people are the same, everyones body are different, and that’s what’s makes the world interesting and colorful. Imagine if we all looked the same..... This month, on the 29th, our holistic psychologist are doing a live webinar about disorders eating and poor body image, where she will share tools to start loving the skin we’re in. This is something I am very excited about, and I am happy to be able to share it with all my clients within #theHSE. If there’s anyone out there that struggles, or know someone that does, than please don’t hesitate to DM me! I am happy to give you details about how to join the webinar, or just chatting with you if you want someone to share with. You are not alone!