5 Healthy Habits You Can Adapt Today

Sometimes changing our lifestyle, getting healthier, and get our shit together, can feel so overwhelming. Where do you even begin? Sometimes it just seem like too big of a mountain to climb, that it is easier just to stay where we are. I get it, I really do, but its dosnt’t have to be like that. If you go around the mountain you’ll find the stairs that also brings you to the top. Even if you climb just one step a day, you are on your way, and slowly that enormous space between you and your goal will decrease. There are several easy things you can do to get you started. I have gathered my top 5 tips for healthy habits that you can begin doing already today. These are simple steps that easily fits into a busy schedule, and will benefit your mind and body.

  1. Meditate every day. I prefer to meditate first thing in the morning, before my thoughts can take control. I usually meditate for 20min, but even if you only have 5 that is perfect. The point is just to do it and allow your mind to quiet. There are many great apps you can use as well to help you get started. Right now I prefer Insight Timer, but I also find Headspace to be a great app to start with.

  2. Hydrate your body when you wake up. A lot of people drink coffee as their first beverage of the day, but after a 6-8 hour fast their body need water. I like to make a big glass of warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar that I’ll bring with me to my meditation cushion. This is great for hydration, detoxifying, inflammations etc. I have written another post earlier about the benefits of lemon water. Remember to also hydrate throughout the day, we are not suppose to get thirsty. Water is always the best thirst drink.

  3. Gratitude list/journaling. When we shift our focus to acknowledging what we are grateful for in our life, we are opening up to receive more of it. And when you start to notice your gratitudes, you will find yourself getting more happy because you see all the beauty around you. You can either write a daily gratitude list, or do gratitude journaling. I prefer to do this practice in the morning, as I feel like it sets the tone for the day, but it can be done anytime through out the day.

  4. Move your body. It doesn’t matter if its a 5 minutes stretching session mid day, a one hour run, a yoga class, or a walk. The important thing is just to move your body and get that blood flowing. Remember that it is good for the heart to get the pulse up everyday as well, a few jumps up and down in the morning/evening will do the work if that’s all you have time for.

  5. Sit down to eat (at least one meal everyday). Put aside your phone, computer, TV, and be present with your food. Taste all the flavors, chew each mouthful, and be grateful for the food you have on your plate. When we do this kind of mindful eating, we are also more capable to listen to our bodies signals and noticing when we are satisfied, Overeating usually occurs because we are stressed, distracted, emotional etc.

There are many great habits and routines we can use everyday to feel a little healthier and a little more present in our body, this is just a few of my favorites. I would love to hear your favorite habits as well if you don’t mind sharing in the comments.

Lastly I just have to share one last tip: dont take life too seriously! Enjoy your time here at earth.