The Truth about my Health

I’ve been dreading this post for so long , but it feels wrong not to post. For almost 3 years I was strictly vegan, and vegetarian for 3 years prior. My bio on Instagram doesn’t say anything about what I eat anymore, and I rarely talk about any specific diet, yet I still have a feeling that many people assume I’m vegan. 


I  am not vegan anymore, and I haven’t been for the last 6 months. I don’t know if you care or not, but for me this is a big thing. I became vegan for the sake of the animals, so incorporating animal products into my diet again was an emotional roller-coaster. So, why did I do it you may ask, I had to do it for my health. I was telling myself that I was super healthy and had the best diet that is, yet as I started to work closely with other people as a health coach, I had to get real about my own health. Frankly it wasn’t especially good at all. I might have looked well to the outside world, slim never with a single pimple, yet a lot of stuff was not working as it should. I had severely low levels of vitamin B12, very little energy, I got dizzy easily, my hormones did not function properly, I was underweight and struggled to put anything on no matter how well I ate. These are only the biggest issues, but I could list a lot of additional factors that wasn’t working optimally in my body. I know a lot of people will say that I just didn’t eat the right vegan diet, and I would have said the same a year ago, but I want you to know that I tried it all. I went from eating high carb low fat, to incorporate more fat into my diet. For my entire vegan period I was eating a very clean plant based diet, based on whole foods. I want you to understand that I didn’t just change overnight and suddenly stopped being vegan. This was something that had to process in my mind for quite some time before I felt ready to take the first step (not sure I felt ready even then). When someone mentioned to me, years ago, that my health issues could be caused by the way I ate, I was in denial. I was certain what I was doing was the only answer!

But after the first seed was planted it was like I was being tested… 


At the end of last summer, new evidence began to appear around me. After I came across other ex-vegans that had struggled with similar problems that had developed into serious health issues before they made changes, I got really scared.  I could see myself end up like them, and that was when I knew I at least had to try to make some changes. Together with my friend Trine, I decided to give a new diet a go. She was on a similar health journey, and we both decided to start the transition from veganism. Trine is a nutritionist specializing in hormonal health, and what she learned was that her way of eating simply didn’t match up with what she learned about the way our hormones work (you can read more about this on her profile). I started my journey slowly by adding eggs into my diet to increase my cholesterol (we actually need this to produce hormones), and eventually I also introduced fish and bone broth. It is important for me to add that I am very careful about where my food comes from. I only eat organic, pasteurized  eggs from a local farm , and I eat wild caught fish. I have eliminated gluten and soy from my diet, as well as decreased my intake of carbs, and added in more healthy fats. I am still on my healing journey, but I can honestly say that so much have changed. My B12 levels are no longer dangerously low, my hormones have started to work as they should, and my body looks healthier. I also have way better hair and nails, which I believe is a combination of my change in diet and my whole food capsules. I am not writing this to tell you that veganism is bad or that you have to change your diet, I simply want to share my story and show you that it is ok to change. Do what is best for you, but please don’t sacrifice your health to eat a certain way. We can all take conscious choices, and I really think it is our duty to do so, but remember to be humble on your journey, so that you can hear your body’s intuitive voice. I hope I don’t get any hate for this, but not sharing my journey would feel like lying.