5 Simple Steps to Living a Mindful Life

In a world where everything and everyone are constantly moving at a faster pace, we forget to stop up and notice our breath. We human beings are in a constant hurry, our minds ful of busyness. Even when we don’t have anything to do, our minds are still busy. Today it is probably more important than ever to stop up, take a breath, notice our body and the space around us, and just be. I know so many would respond that they simply don’t have the time, but honestly that is just a sign that they need it even more! How is a way you can re arrange your time so that everyday have at least 5 minutes of stillness? Ones you have arranged for the time, write it in your calendar to make a commitment.

I have gathered 5 simple tips below on how you easily can adapt some mindfulness into to your life, without having to rearrange your busy life too much. If you can commit to just one of these things every day, I can almost guarantee you that your life will be filled with more value. Give it ago and see for yourself. 


1.     Begin each day by listing at least 3 things you are grateful for. I encourage you to write it down in your journal, but even saying out loud to yourself is beneficial.

2.     Spend at least 5 minutes with yourself every day, no tv or cellphones allowed. It doesn’t have to be a hardcore, legs crossed meditation (unless you want to, it certainly have great effect on mind and body). Find something that works for you. Maybe it is a 30 minutes’ walk in nature without your phone, or lighting a candle and observing it as it burn, or maybe it means taking a hot bath. 

3.     Eat your meal without distractions, being present with your food. Too often we are eating our meals as we are on the move, or in front of a tv or computer screen. The result tends to be that we eat too fast and too much, not being present in our body to listen to it signals. Though the ideal situation is to plan our meals so that all of them are eaten sited down, this simply might not work for some people. If this relate to you, try to aim to be fully present for at least one meal every day. 

4.     Put away your screens 1 hour before bedtime to ensure better quality sleep. Preferably in another room, but if you like me are using your phone as an alarm, put it in flight mood. 

5.     Take 5-10 deep belly breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth. This can be done anywhere at any time, and works wonder if you find yourself in a stressful situation. 


Please comment below, or send me an email to tell me how this are working for you. Or maybe you have any other great habits you want to share.