My Core Values

Today, one of the beautiful girls I work along with in The Healthstyle Emporium, and Babes in Business,  inspired me to dig inside my self and write down my core values. I took my notepad with me for a walk in the forest where I found a trunk, and sat down I closed my eyes, took a few deep breathes and went my focus inward. Eventually  I blinked my eyes open, starred into the trees for a while, then opened my notepad. On a piece of paper I wrote down all the values important to me, ending with 54. I then review my list and pick out the top 20 values, cut that in half again and eventually were left with my 6 core values. I wrote these values down in my journal, planer, and a piece of paper on my bedroom wall, as soon as I got home. Anytime I´m about to make a big decision, I will review my list, and if the choice I´m about to take don´t align with my values, I probably have to rethink it.

My 6 Core values look like this:

1. Myself. It might sound egocentric to have myself as nr.1, but actually I believe it to be quite the opposite. By putting my own health, self love practices, and self worth as a priority, I am better recharged and prepared to genuinely give to others. It have definitely not always prioritized myself, but along my journey through yoga, IIN and The Healthstyle Emporium, I have learned the importance of self love.

2. Abundance. It is not one specific aspect of my life where I want abundance, but rather in a variety of things.  I wish for financial abundance, so I dont have to constantly living in a mindset where money is a scarcity. I wish for an abundance in love, laughter, deep conversations, healthy food, music, yoga, dance and connections.

3. Real, authentic relationships. Taking care and being around my family and friends. Spending time on those who wish to lift each other up, give of them self and care for a healthy planet.

4. Yoga. Not only the physical aspect of yoga, but the way it views life through its philosophy and mentality. Living a life in harmony with each other and our surroundings, being of service, and living to inspire and motivate others to be their happiest, healthiest self. 

5. Freedom to travel. I love to travel the world, to experience new places, meeting and talking to people from different cultures, eating exotic food and spending time in nature. As I expand my online business, so does my ability to travel the world, while at the same time helping and motivating people around the globe. For this opportunity I am beyond grateful.

6. Success. I hope to gain success within my online business, so I can reach more people and continue coaching and spreading the message of a holistic, healthy life!

I encourage anyone to do this exercise for them self. Tap into your inner self and get clear get clear on your vision. After getting your values down, evaluate your current life situation and see how your current life align with them. Take a look at your job, your relationships and finances, is there any adjustments you can do in you daily life to better aligned with your values? Maybe you need to rethink your choice of carrier or reevaluate who you spend most of your time around?