Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic practice from India that are used to prevent decay and bleeding gums, as well as strengthening the teeth and overall mouth health. This practice has also been used among people that can't afford going to the dentist, as it can help get rid of bacterias. A lot of people in the western world have also started adopting the habit as a way to prevent future tooth ache, whitening the teeth, and detoxing the mouth for toxins. There are a lot of mixed opinions about whether oil pulling is effective or not, but personally I have great experience with it. I have noticed tooth ache and sore gum disappear after just few days of oil pulling, and for me this has become a part of my daily morning routine.

So what is oil pulling really? It is a practice where you take about a table spoon of oil, preferably coconut or sesame oil, into your mouth and switch it around for 10-20 minutes. This can be done while  you get ready for the day, so you dont have to schedule in extra time. Oil pulling will have best effect if done in the morning before eating or drinking anything, but is also beneficial at any time during the day. After spiting out the oil, make sure to clean your mouth well with warm water and brush your teeth properly. You dont want to swallow the oil! Do the practice 5-7 days a week and experience a healthier mouth!  


Benefit of oil pulling:

- Stronger teeth

- Healthy gum and teeth

- Detox effect

- Whiter teeth 

Prevent decay and bleeding gum