Pesto Pasta

Pasta with pesto is one of my all time favorite dish during these hot summer days. It is fresh, simple and it taste awesome cold to! My stomach on the other hand does not like pasta that much, which is why I love the invention of veggie and lentil pasta! Now I can easily eat pasta whenever my head desire,  without the sluggishness!

So heres my simple go-to pesto sauce, enough for 4 people:


- Ca. 8 dl Raw Cashew nuts

- 1 package of Ruccola (65g)

- 1-2 handful of fresh Basil

- 1 fed of garlic

- Juice of one lemon

- Himalaya salt (to taste)

- Pepper (to taste)

- Dried Organo (To taste)

- 2 dl Olive Oil

- 3 dl water

- 1/2 of a large avocado




Let the cashews soak for 30min to get rid of the toxics of the peel. Blend everything in a food processor until smooth and creamy, When it comes to amount of spices you should add the amount that makes your taste buds satisfied.


Mix your favorite paste into the pesto, I have used lentil pasta. To all the gluten sensitive souls out there, or if your one that rather stay away carbs, I can highly recommend lentil pasta. Eat like it is, or top it off with olives and sun-dried tomatoes like I did. Enjoy!

Ps. I promise it taste way better than it looks!