Essential Oils

Lately I´ve become rather addicted to essential oils. Not only do they smell good (most of them that is), they can also be used in so many different ways. Not to mention, they are 100% natural and organic. Most oils can be used directly on the skin, however, make sure to check the label as some are rather strong and should be blended out with water or a base oil. There are several great ways to incorporate the use of essential oils to your daily life. You could for instance make your own shower oil, by blending a neutral base oil with a few drops of your favorite essential smell. Maybe you want a fresher air, mix a few oil drops with water, add to a spray-bottle, and voila, you have a nice smelling home! You can also make your own body products, scented candles, and the list goes on. What is really cool is that some essential oils can even be used for internal use, like lavendel or peppermint f.ex.  

Now, I am still kind of a newbie with these oils, so my selection is still rather small, but I have a few staples that I have become a loyal user of and I want to give you an insight in my use of them:


Lavendel oil: 

Lavendel has a sweet smell and a calming effect on the body. I rather often use my oil as scent as it is not harmful for the skin like most perfumes are. If I want to spoil my self, I´ll tap me a nice hot bath with lots of foam, lit some candles, put on soothing music, and top it all of by adding a few drops of lavendel oil to the water.  It´s smells great and feel soothing. Lavendel is super nice as air freshener, and it has a warming effect to the skin. Oh, and a little tip, try to add a few drops to if your making raw chocolate or treats!

Peppermint oil:

I hate using pain killers, so my go-to headache remedy is peppermint oil. I take just one or two drops on my index fingers and rub them to my temples, forehead and chest. Be careful not to use to much, or I warn you, tears will appear! Peppermint also has a cooling effect and can be used on sore muscles or joints. It is also great to use on the tongue for a fresher breath, if you like me, dont chew chewing gums.

Sandalwood oil:

I use sandalwood for meditation, as it has a focusing and grounding effect. I use a few drops on the inside of my wrists, on my chest, and between my eyebrows. Sandalwood are also said to have great benefit for mental clarity, and it has a soothing smell.



Do you have any favorite essential oils?