Yoghthie Bowl

No its not a typo, you read right. So what is a yoghthie bowl you ask, great question! Yoghthie is a word I came up with myself in lack of any better description for todays breakfast. I was craving coconut yoghurt, but didn't have any ready in my fridge. It takes at least 12 hours for the coconut milk to ferment after mixing it with probiotics, obviously it was out of the question to wait that long for breakfast! But when I get my head on something I kind of really want it, therefor I came up with this awesome plan to make a "fake" yoghurt (you could call it a creamy smoothie bowl if you prefer). I used coconut milk as base for my yoghthie and blended in a shoot of probiotics in order to get the sourness of yoghurt. The result was rather pleasing and turned out as something between a yoghurt and a smoothie, which is why I called it yoghthie..  I might not have gotten the same benefits as from the real deal, but at least got some probiotics in me and that must count for something, am I right? So, if you like me, dont have any coconut yoghurt at hand but you still really crave some, scroll further down and get my  yoghthie bowl recipie. . I swear its super yummy, and it almost feel like eating real yoghurt!


2 Serving of Yoghthie Bowl:

- About 1 can of ful fat coconut milk (500ml)

- 1 Handful frozen rasberries

- About 2 handfuls of frozen mango

- 2 pitted dates

- A squeeze of lemon

- A shot glas of Probioform, or the powder of two probiotics capsule 

Mix everything in a blender until smooth and pour into two bowls. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

Here I topped mine with granola, peanut butter, and blackcurrants from my own garden!