Lemon Water

Deciding to change your lifestyle can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, but start small by incorporating healthy habits that are neither time consuming nor costly. In fact some of the best health habits you can adapt cost little to nothing and can be started already today.

Personally I need good morning routines and I love to start my day of right. Therefor, the first thing I do, when I get out of bed, is to make a big glass of warm lemon water. I´ll bring this with me to my meditation corner and sip while reflecting over todays gratitudes. Warm lemon water helps kickstart my system and has become a must every single day. This might for sure be the easiest and cheapest health tip in the book, yet its so effective.

Lemons are great for our body and health for so many reasons, and I want to share my top 5 with you:



1. Warm lemon water kick start your digestive system and support normal bowel movement.

2. Lemons are packed with vitamin C that boost your immune system, really great during cold    season..

3. Lemons helps detoxifying your body and help cleansing the liver by flushing out toxins.

4. Lemons helps your body maintain its pH level.

5. Drinking warm lemon water is actually also great for good dental health, it helps the gum stay clean and disease free.

Needless to say, lemon water also taste delicious, I actually look forward to my glass when I wake up! Just make sure you dont use too hot water when making lemon water, this it will ruin a lot of the vitamins in the fruit. If you dont have a boiler where you can chose the desired temperature (I warm mine to 40 degree celsius), you can mix some cold water in with the boiled.

Convinced? Enjoy your glass of warm lemon water and appreciate all the good things happening in your body while you sit back and sip!