5 Favorite Breakfast Spots in Bali

There are many reasons for why I love Bali, but one of them are all the amazing food you'll find there. The Island are a mekka for vegans and every corner reveals a new super cute cafe where you can enjoy healthy, yummy plant food and sip a cooling ice coffee. I want to share some of my absolute favorite spots with you, and hope you will find this little cafe guide helpful. Enjoy!


Peloton Supershop

Peloton is probably my all time favorite cafe in Bali, and it is all vegan, yeah! It is located in Berawa, on the opposite side of the rice fields from Canggu. Their menu offers a wide variety of both savory and sweet food, I particularly love their avocado toast, smoothie bowls and granola. For all you gluten free people out there, fear not, Peloton offers gluten free options for both bread and granola. Oh, and if you love smoothie bowls as much as I do,  you should give their Biker bowl a go, yum! And hi, if your first there check out their lunch and dinner menu as well, its delisious.

Crate Cafe

This is a super hip place in Canggu that attract the "cool" crowd. But dont let the major hipster factor intimidate you, this place knows good food, and it is worth waiting for a table!  I probably tried all of their smoothie bowls on the menu, and their ice coffee is divine. Crate also mix up some fancy, layered smoothies that pictures very well if your into that insta friendly food. If you prefer savory food in the morning, you should go for the avocado toast, it normally comes with feta cheese and eggs, but you can easily skipe this and still have yourself a treat. 


Nalu Bowls

Well technically Nalu Bowls isn't an independent cafe, but they have stands inside other cafes. You can find this yumminess in Milk & Madu in Brawa, Shelter in Seminyak and outside Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu. You might also find it other places but these are the ones I know about. Nalu Bowls makes the most delicious smoothie bowls you every tried, I promise! The consistency is so perfectly thick, creamy and icy and it feels like eating sorbet for breakfast. The bowls are topped with fresh fruit and their own homemade granola, which adds the perfect crunch to their bowls. The best of all though, is that you get the whole thing served in a coconut, can it be more exotic? And by the way, all the cafes were Nalu is located is worth checking out as well, they all have a divine menus. 

Yellow Flower Cafe

This cafe is a hidden gem in Ubud. You have to clime some stairs to get their, but boy is it worth it. You can have breakfast in a quiet, little green oasis with the sound of the birds singing around you. You may have to wait a bit for the waitress, but whats the rush right? Just enjoy the surroundings while you wait. I had avocado toast and smoothie bowl here, both yummy, but I think I preferred the smoothie bowl (I know, surprise right). If your in the sweet corner I recommend you to try their chocolate smoothie bowl, definitely feels like having dessert for breakfast!

The Shady Shack

Another vegetarian place in Bali with a menu that get your tummy rumbling! Shady Shack is well known for their lunch/dinner menu, particularly their veggie burgers(yum!), but they do know their way around breakfast as well! Their avocado toast is one of the best I ever had, and I was giggling over their chocolate smoothie bowl. I felt like a naughty child. that had just discovered where my parents hid the candy, as I shoved a spoon full of this chocolate thing into my mouth. The whole thing was also topped with cashew butter, which, needless to say, made it taste unreal divine. I dont know about you but Im a real sucker for all nut butter!! The best of all though, is that even though this chocolaty goddess bowl tasted guilty it is a nourish bowl disguised as a dessert.