Sensual Yoga Retreat Part 1

Early in November I attended a 5 days sensual yoga retreat just outside of Byron Bay. I didn’t really know what I was getting up to or what I could expect. To be honest, I found the retreat the evening before it started, as I randomly stumbled across Eleanor (the founder) on Instagram. I can’t really explain what it was, but it was just something inside me that told me I had to attend this exact retreat. I read that it was all about self-love and sensuality, and that we would be holding cacao ceremonies and learn about crystals! I mean, what was it not to like about that? So, I sent Eleanor a message, and before I knew it I had booked myself a spot in her retreat starting the next day. As I was a 2,5 hours drive away, I instantly had to book my bus and pack my bag the next morning. I am really happy I did though, if its something Ive learned it is that you should listen to your gut, and this time I did! Anyway, I want to share a little bit about the retreat with you all. 


This was Eleanor’s first ever retreat, and let me just say that she mastered it with grace. I want to walk you through the retreat from a to z to give you all a better sense of what the retreat was all about, but to avoid that it gets too long, I’ve decided to divide the text into smaller portions. So on this first section I will share my first impression, as well as an introduction to what met my eyes that first day when I arrived.

Let’s jump to the beginning. After getting to Byron Bay with a bus from Brisbane, I ordered an Uber to take me the rest of the way (the retreat was located a 20 min drive outside of town). We drove out of Byron center, and up towards the Hinterland. With Byron behind us, we entered into the area of Newrybar.  Shops and cafes were soon switched out with large fields of green grass. It was if I could feel my shoulders relax as we drove into this wonderland. Imagine green grass, trees, and grazing animals as far as the eyes could see,  there was nothing to disturb the peace.

Eventually the driver took of  the main road and into a small, narrow track that lead up to two big houses surrounded in the midst of nature. We had entered the Blue Green Villa. Though the houses were part of the same property, it was the second house that would become my home for the next days.  The first thing that met me as I stepped out of the car was a big hairy, Lassie, dog that gave me a warm and wet welcome. Then a beautiful blond lady stepped out of the house and welcomed me with a warm hug, this was Elanor. She helped me in with the luggage, and I got to meet the four other ladies that I would be sharing this experience with. Mon, our chef for the next 5 days, was in the kitchen cooking us dinner, and also she met me with a big hug. She was as warm and kind as her cooking (and her cooking was delicious)!  


Lets not forget the house! The place was far beyond what I had imagined, it was one of those places that are more incredible in real life than on pictures. It was a big tree house with an interior that made you feel like you’re on the French country side. The living room was large and cozy, centered around a big fireplace. The dining table was made of wood, as were the sofa table, chairs and coffee tables. I am pretty certain that everything were made by hand. On each side of the fireplace there were a big painting, one of a little boy and one of a girl, made by the owner herself. I’m guessing these were her children. The room had an open kitchen solution with good space for cooking. Bar stools were placed by the kitchen bench, on the opposite side of the stove, a nice little gathering place as dinner are cocked.  The whole right side of the room had big glass doors that opened out to a porch with a swimming pool, hanging chairs and a nice little coffee corner. Bellow the porch was a big green lawn, a small lake, and the most adorable little lake house(see picture further up). Chickens, roosters, ducks, a horse, two dogs and two cats, were freely moving around the property. Two lamas were also present in their own grass lawn. Talking about garden goals! The house also contained 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, which meant that I was fortunate enough to have a room all to myself. The closest bathroom to my room are also worth mentioning, as it had the most romantic bathtub centered in the middle of the room, with big chunky candles on each edge and flower peddles. 


As it was already evening by the time I arrived, it was time to gather around the dining table to share the first of 11 beautiful and delicious meals together. You could really taste the love that Mon had put into each and every meal that she prepared for us, she even put flowers on all our dishes. I wish I could have brought her with me home, So I could always have such pretty, nourishing food. It didn’t take long for us 6 ladies to become comfortable with each other, and it was wonderful to experience how 5 strangers so easily became my friends. We were all very different, but on the same time there were something really similar about us. I mean we had all decided to go to this exact retreat for a reason. We shared values, dreams, obstacles and even sorrows with each other, it was beautiful. On this first night, Eleanor  explained what the  upcoming days would bring, and we all shared our expectations and hopes for the retreat. As we would meet again for meditation the next morning at 7.30, it was time to let the head find the pillow. 


To be continued…