To 2017


Thank you 2017, for being my best year yet! There has been travels, people, opportunities that I will be forever grateful for. 2017  was the year I took my yoga teacher certification by a beautiful beach in Goa, India. The year I climbed my highest mountain so far in Nepal. And the year I drank fresh water straight from the coconuts in Bali. Just the fact that I am able to visit such amazing places and cultures makes me grateful and humble.

I´ve learned so much during this year, its as if I had to get to know my self all over again.  I have learned that its ok just to be me, that I am already enough. Never have I been closer to my visions and my true self than I have this year and I am afraid I will suffocate it by trying to grasp it too tight. I am humble but I am also scared, scared of falling of the wagon, loosing my path and get lost in the woods again. But more importantly I´ve learned that out of fear something beautiful will rise if we let it. Trusting is a choice and I chose to trust in life.

I have build friendships this year, met people that feels more like an extension of  my body, my soul, than separate beings. Never did I know it existed such beings that speak your language simply by looking at you. For these people, these friends and soulmates I am humble. So thank you 2017 for leading me towards them and showing that I dont have to stand alone with my beliefs.