Vision Board

If you find yourself having a dream or a vision of something you want to achieve but you just dont know where to start, a good tool can be to create a vision board. A vision board is a personal board of inspiration where you can collect images, text, quotes, etc that motivates and inspirers you to achieve certain goals. There are many ways to make such a board, but the idea is that you have it somewhere you see it often, that way you will start seeing it as something more than a dream and it will begin to manifest in you. One can f.ex make a digital board  and have it as a screen saver on the phone and computer, that way it will be the first thing one see when picking up the phone. Every time you look at it it will feel less like a hopeless dream and more like something that are waiting for you within your future.

vision board 1

Personally I am quite old fashioned and I enjoy making things by hand. Me and my friend, Trine, made our boards using scissors, glue and pens, and had our little visualizing workshop.  I used pictures I found on the internet for my board by using different platforms such as Pinterest, Google, Tumblr and Instagram to find pictures that are in line with my visions. My board are  placed on a wall in my apartment where I am bound to see it whenever entering my living room. 

My personal vision board symbolizes the life I wish to create for myself, but if it scares you to think that far ahead or you simply dont know exactly what your "ideal" future look like, donĀ“t worry. There are no goals or dreams that are too small or big to make a vision board for.  You can make several boards for smaller milestones if you like. Maybe your goal is to get in better health and shape during the upcoming year? Than you can find pictures of fun workouts you enjoy doing, or colorful, healthy foods that you know  will make your body thrive. Maybe you are dreaming about going for a long travel? Put pictures of places you wish to see, a plane ticket, anything that helps you realize your dream and put it into reality. 

And most importantly have fun making it, this is your dream and looking at your vision board should make you feel good!

Vision board 2