Cecilie Gresslien


Hi, my name is Cecilie. I am a holistic health coach and yoga teacher with a big love for travel, raw chocolate, mindfulness and holistic life. I have started this page to share my  journey with you and give you a peak into some of the things closest to my heart.

My interest in nutrition and health began when I was a teenager, but as for many other girls at that age, it started as a wish to change my body. As I reached the age of 14 I begun for the first time to be aware of the way I looked. I started to wear make up, dress differently, and I started to dislike the way my body looked. I remember I wanted to be just like my friends, I wanted to be pretty and I wanted to be liked. So this was were my interest in food begun. Its been a long and curvy road from there, with a periode in my life where an obsession about food and exercise took up all my time. I remember being so strict with myself, but most of all I remember how unhappy and insecure I was.

Honestly it wasn’t until I discovered yoga, and began on the holistic path, at the age of 20, that I realized how bad my relationship with my self was. I wasn’t nourishing my body, I was constantly trying to change and punish it. Luckily this all changed through yoga and a mindful practice, and slowly my relationship with food begun to heal. My interest in health didn’t go away though, rather I begun to grow a new fascination of the human body and the affect our lifestyle has on it.

I have a bachelor in "fashion marketing and management" from Berkeley College in New York. this may sound random considering I am now a health coach, but I believe that everything we do happens for a reason, and if I didn’t go to New York I might not have found yoga and healed my relationship with myself. It was in this city that the universe led me to an amazing yoga studio right next to my flat, where a love for yoga and mindfulness began. Since finishing my degree in December 2014 I travelled through Asia 3 times, did two yoga teacher trainings in India, and completed a holistic health education through IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). My own story with food, my travels and my experiences, has led me to where I am today, and I have developed into this passion of helping other people gain a healthy relationship with themselves and their body. I hope to inspire people to get healthier through a place of self-love, and I want to inspire them to see that it is ok to have dreams and to want to create an extraordinary life for themself.