By Cecilie

Hi there, I'm Cecilie, a certified health coach and yoga teacher on a mission to help women fall in love with themselves and live an empowered life.

My goal is to help you nourish yourself from the inside out!



“Cecilie har har vært en utrolig støtte for meg i tiden etter langvarig sykdom. Hun har gitt meg kjempegod og tilpasset kostholdsveiledning for å styrke kroppen, men kanskje viktigst av alt så har hun gitt meg styrke, mot og refleksjon til å styrke meg selv. Hun har en helt unik evne til å se mennesker, og jeg vil alltid være takknemlig for det hun har hjulpet meg gjennom. Anbefaler Cecilie på det sterkeste.”


“I originally contacted Cecilie because I wanted a «quick fix», a new diet plan etc. However, through our journey together, she made me realize the need to work on my inner self and stop judging myself for the pressure society puts on us. Through life style advice, conversations and close follow up; Cecilie has provided me with the tools to work on all of me. I am more confident, have less health problems and a new approach to what “healthy” is. I really recommend Cecilie if you are looking for a more holistic and wholesome life. Thank you for the journey, Cecilie!”


Coaching and workshops


“Cecilie changed my health situation by adjusting my intake of stomach acid tablets and by seeing my overall health from the outside”


“My overall health became so much better when Cecilie helped me change my diet and intake of the different food groups. She also helped me understand the consequences of stress”



My mission: Are you tired of living an uninspired, average life? Of feeling like you never have that extra gear or energy? Are you done playing it small and feeling sorry for yourself? I am here to tell you that only YOU have the power to turn the wheels around and take back control of your life. My goal is for you to wake up in the morning excited about your life, grateful that you get to be exactly you. I believe that self-love is everything but selfish, and I am here to show you how falling in love with yourself will turn your life around. Cliche? Perhaps, but who the hack cares? I’ll teach you how to nourish your body and mind from the inside-out, and find your life purpose in the process.


  • 12 weeks to fall in love with yourself & find your purpose.

  • Healthstyle emporium

  • Workshops (coming soon)

  • 6 or 12 weeks to a healthier & happier you

“Health is the complete state of harmony of the body, mind and spirit.”

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